Questions? Here are a few answers:

If I take the survey, will anyone else see my results?

Not unless you share the web address of your results with someone else. This results page shows your results, but nothing that would allow anyone to personally identify you.

Will anyone see whether or not I have taken the survey?

No way. It is almost impossible for anyone to tell.

How long will the survey take?

To finish the survey, it will take most people between 5 and 10 minutes. You will receive a set of personal insights immediately after finishing the survey. After a certain number of people from your organization take the survey, everyone will be able to see the organization-level results.

What is the basis for these questions?

The folks at SociaLens have been working in, consulting for, and studying organizations and digital technology for at least a decade now. We have found that an organization's ability to thrive in the digital age depends on much more than just its people's ability to use a blog or sign up for a Twitter account. Rather, it depends on a complex mix of factors that include its people's digital literacy and fluency, its ability to effectively formulate and execute strategy, its ability to understand what motivates its stakeholders, its ability to account for external factors that affect it, etc. The questions in this snapshot are designed to reveal these things and how they affect each other in your organization, as well as how they affect organizations in general.

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